The 3 Secrets to stop binge eating forever

- A Free Mini Course to Help You Feel Calm Around Food again

Are your thoughts consumed with food?

Do find yourself eating in secret because you feel "bad" or even shame about your food choices?

Do you find yourself starting a new diet every week, only to binge eat again a few days later when life becomes too stressful?

Change is possible!

Imagine feeling like:

You could take just 1-2 biscuit from the packet instead of devouring the whole lot?

Calm and in charge of your eating, instead out of control with food?

Going out with friends without worrying about where and what you will eat?

Nourished and satisfied from eating, instead of full with shame and judgment?

Like you can trust yourself to make the best decisions for you?

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It is time to take back your power

A FREE video course to help you Reduce Binge Eating

This three part video course will give you the skills you need to reduce your binge eating, without any reliance on willpower, whatsoever.

Sounds like magic? Well, it kind of is... But it will require some action taking on your part.

So how does it work?

When you sign up you will get access directly to the free course with the video lessons (please save this page for easy future access). 

Then it is time to watch the videos and get on with the learning and suggestions!

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No more diets

Imagine if you never had to diet again, EVER!

How much time and energy would you free up to focus on more important things?!

Improved self confidence

You can look in the mirror and feel like you and your body are on the same team.

How would more having more self confidence improve other aspects of your life?

Enjoy food instead of fearing it

What if you could enjoy a meal or a snack with a friend without fear of over eating?

It is possible to enjoy ALL foods without the fear of losing control.

No will power needed

To end the binge eating struggle is not about trying harder or going on another diet. You don't have a willpower issue.

In this three parts training I will give you the foundations that will help.

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What they say

” I now trust my body, with my emotions, with my hunger and with food. This is a revelation and something that has enhanced my life no end!”

T. Mahony - Client

” I have really enjoyed my learning experience. I feel like I have a fresh, kinder and more patient perspective on how I am improving my health.

E. Kenny - Client

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Hi! I'm Linn

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist and Body Image coach dedicated to helping others find peace with food, eating and their bodies.

I too have a history of disordered eating which one reason I became a nutrition professional. 

I know the  journey you are on is a bumpy one, and you might feel like you may never be able to eat like a 'normal' person, but I'm here to tell you that things can most definitely change! 

I see it all the time in my clinical practice. 

My deepest wish for you and my goal, is to help you trust your body and food again, which is why I created this short online course.  

It is designed to give you a head start into how to stop binge eating, forever.

I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable.

Linn x